The first step in learning.

Imagine if we had trusted what others thought and never wondered what it was like to land on the moon. Imagine if we had never wondered if there was a more efficient way to harvest electricity than burning fossil fuels. Due to the curiosity of others, we understand more than just a hypothesis of what the moon’s environment is like and we understand that we can harvest energy for electricity without a significant impact on our environment. It is due to curiosity that the human race has been able to move forward, as curiosity is the first step in learning, and learning allows us to move past our current state.

Humans are generally curious beings because we desire closure. We will never be happy to just know that things work the way they do and that things are the way they are. We always want to know why, which I believe to be a good thing. This reflects my own experiences as I am one who wants to learn. Without knowledge, my life would appear to be purposeless.

As a curious person, I hope that I become so invested in learning and moving forward that I can make an impact on the world, and in 15 years time say to myself, ‘imagine if I never studied Communications and Media’.



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