Photo portrait #3: Maddison Alpen – what motivates you to do well at university?


“The fear of failure is one of the main things that motivates me through my university degree. Observing the people around me and how confident they seem in their work motivates me. I feel as though there is major pressure placed on those that attend university. Coming from a small hometown in the Riverina, I feel as though coming to university is a privilege and to fail or not come out successful would be a waste of an opportunity. My family don’t so much place pressure on me to do well in uni however they motivate me to succeed and making them proud would be the ultimate success to me.”




“I was kind of a drop-kick in high school up until year 10, and then I remember one time I brought home a good report card and my Mum was really happy and ecstatic about that. So I guess impressing my parents a little bit is a big motivator for me. I’ve also become really interested in journalism and i’d love to see myself one day getting a career out of that. I’m really enjoying journalism and university life in general, and I think the more that I enjoy it the better I will do in my studies.”

Photo Portrait #1: Simon Douch – What was your dream?


“I guess as a child my dream was to be successful. I wanted to be successful in sport. I liked rugby and basketball, but I dreamed about going far in snow-boarding.

“I remember when I was about 14 and I was watching the snowboarders competing in the X-Games, who were only about four or five years older than me. I think this was when I started to lose interest in it because I didn’t know how to snowboard.

“I still played basketball and rugby in high-school and I still love sports, and I think I’m on the right track with my university studies to have a successful life and career.”