If we could live on the university campus, the added stress of transport would be taken from our minds. Like me, most university students take the free bus to university in order to avoid the nightmare known as parking.

But what is better? Parking three blocks away from the university and walking? Or waiting for the never-on-time free bus, trying to find a seat so you don’t have to stand up and risk falling on to someones lap when the bus driver takes off, and sometimes occupying a two person space with three people just to get a free ride?

Although it can be a difficult decision, we seem to get by as it’s just something we have to do.


University life #1: ‘Large cappuccino, Cameron’


Being a university student involves pulling yourself out of bed at 7:00am on a Monday morning to go and become the future of this world. A lot of people say let’s do it later, but the University disagrees. So we follow protocol and zombie walk our way to a place that sells coffee, pull out four dollars and order something that will allow us to be all we can be. We hear our order get called from the counter, and the smell of it boosts the function of our minds by 100%. I feel so good after the first sip that I even place my change in the donation box. Now let’s go and be somebody!