Philosophy of Journalism Statement

I am a creative individual who is inspired by the fact that I am able to do or create something that myself along with others can look at and enjoy after I have done it. I have a passion for music, as it is a great way to tell stories whilst being creative. My desire to be a journalist has been crafted by these traits, as it is a unique way of telling stories that others as well as myself can enjoy.


A challenge I have come across during my first semester of studying journalism is that I hate annoying people, and this is an essential skill needed to gather information from people to be able to tell a story. I discovered this as I was gathering information for the first assignment, and it’s now evident that being able to gather information regardless of whether I’m annoying is a skill I need to develop.


Along with annoying people, my other fear of journalism is that I’m undecided whether or not the hard road to my ultimate goal of becoming a morning show host will be worth it. To me this is a dream job as whenever I watch a morning show like The Today Show, I picture myself sitting with my colleagues, reporting the news and having a laugh while discussing it with them. I think I would suit a role like this as I love entertaining, I am a confident person and I am quick witted enough to be on live TV, but I’m unsure whether I will enjoy the end result enough to go through the long process of achieving it.


Realistically, in 5 years I see myself establishing a strong foundation for what I want to create a career out of. I think I would need to have some experience in this industry, maybe doing multiple internships to build up my resumé. I would hope to have a job at a news station, trying my hardest to work my way up the ladder to my ultimate goal.


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